To tap this market potential and with a vision to penetrate into nooks and corner of India rental division has been started by Titan Bolting Services. TBS under the flag ship of TES which has experience of a decade takes an array of on-site bolting services ranging from simple bolting of a single flange joint, to major constructions and maintenance of bolted joints of critical applications at shutdown. TBS has got the most advanced and highest quality tools from Titan by CP. It also undertakes bolt tensioning.

TBS is a name to reckon with focus on
  • Shortest possible mobilization time
  • Uniform Bolt loading
  • Reduced gasket leaks
  • Leak-free and safe start-ups
  • Precision-bolting in confined spaces
  • No re-work due to Right bolting at first time

  • TBS offers Hydraulic torque wrenches of square drive and direct fit tools - upto 73500 NM
  • Air operated and electric operated hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioners- from ¾ inch up to 4 inch dia bolt
  • Sufficient accessories
  • All tools and pressure gauges are calibrated.

  • TBS is capable of handling any major shutdown requiring gangs of up to 30.
  • All the crews are TES certified; professionally qualified with min 3 year experience in bolting job on site.
  • All TBS activities (tools, manpower) operate within the HSE framework.