RC-Series S/A, General Purpose

The RC Series is a Single Acting, Spring Return Cylinder that has been designed for general purpose applications that require the cylinder to be collar or base mounted. These cylinders can be used in all positions.





Hard Chrome Piston Rod

  • All RC Series cylinders feature a hard chrome piston rod for maximum corrosion-resistance.

Threaded Base & Piston Rod

  • Threaded cylinder base and piston rod for use with attachments.

Return Spring

  • The return spring is sized to ensure efficient piston rod return and maximum spring life.

Flexible Usage

  • These cylinders can be used in all positions.

Hydraulic Coupling

  • High flow coupling compatible with all Durapac pumps.

Hand Pump Options Available

  • Durapac offers a range of lightweight hand pumps, the perfect choice when portable manual power is desirable.

RC-Series Seal Kits

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