P-235A & P-235AT Aluminium Bodied Hand Pumps

The P-235A and P-235AT Aluminium Bodied Hand Pumps are the ultimate in lightweight portable power.




Any Operating Angle

  • Both models feature a sealed bladder reservoir which allows the pump to be used at any operating angle.

Ease of Handling

  • Both models have large, easy to grip external pressure release knobs.

Ease Of Use

  • All jacks have been designed for ease of use and handling.

Internal Stroke Limiter

  • The internal stroke limiter prevents piston rod over-extension.

Chrome Plated

  • The chrome plated steel piston rod resists-corrosion and extends jack life.

Operating Handle

  • An operating handle is included with all models.


P-235A & P-235AT Aluminium Bodied Hand Pumps

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