P-235 & P-235L Steel Bodied Hand Pumps

The P-235 and P-235L Steel Bodied Hand Pumps are a single-acting, two speed, two way valve design. They are best suited where manual, portable, hydraulic power is required.



Ease of Operation

  • Both models have a low handle effort for ease of operation.

Ease of Handling

  • Both models have large, easy to grip external pressure release knobs.

Carry Handle

  • The P-235 model incorporates a convenient carry handle.

High Flow

  • The P-235L pump features a high flow and maximum working pressure of 240 bar.


  • The pump is a robustly built industry proven performer and comes pre-filled with hydraulic oil.

Safety Valve

  • The pump features a factory set safety pressure relief valve.


P-235 & P-235L Cylinder Capacity v Pump Handle Strokes

** mm of movement for each stroke of the pump handle
- not recommended

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