ARSLC-Series S/A, Locking Collar, Aluminium

ARSLC-Series S/A, Locking Collar, Aluminium

The ARSLC-Series is a Single Acting, Spring Return, Locking Collar, Aluminium Cylinder that is ideal for use in applications where weight and portability are paramount. The design features a threaded piston rod and lock ring. When the lock ring is screwed down and engaged with the cylinder body, the load can be held mechanically for extended periods. These cylinders are ideally suited to applications requiring safe extended load holding.




Anodised Finish

  • All ARSLC-Series cylinders feature anodised treatment on the piston rod which enhances appearance and reduces corrosion.

Lock Ring

  • The lock ring holds the load mechanically and is treated with yellow chromate. This resists corrosion and abrasion.

Hardened Steel Grooved Saddle

  • Hardened removable saddles prevent piston rod damage. Optional ATS tilt saddles are also available.

Gland Nut

  • The aluminium/bronze gland nut withstands full dead end loading.


  • Lightweight, high strength, aluminium materials.


  • The handle is threaded and removable.


ARSLC-Series SA Locking Collar Aluminium

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* Nominal Cylinder Capacity in ton - see kN values for actual capacity
** Total cylinder collapsed height with optional tilt saddle equals (Cylinder Height - Saddle Protrusion + Tilt Saddle Height)

ARSLC-Series Seal Kits

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