ARHS-Series S/A, Hollow Piston Rod, Aluminium

ARHS-Series S/A, Hollow Piston Rod, Aluminium

The ARHS-Series is a Single Acting, Spring Return, Hollow Piston Rod, Aluminium Cylinder. The hollow piston allows for a rod or cable to be inserted through the entire body length. They can be used in tensioning, load testing, bush extracting and maintenance applications where weight and portability are paramount.




Removable Aluminium Base Plate

  • All cylinders incorporate a bolt on removable aluminium base plate for extra protection.

Hardened Steel Grooved Saddle

  • The hardened steel grooved saddle prevents damage to the piston rod.


  • The handle is threaded and removable.

Gland Nut

  • Aluminium/bronze gland nut withstands full dead end loading.

Return Spring

  • The heavy duty return spring allows faster retraction.

Bearing Surface

  • The large bearing surface with balancing and lubricating grooves gives side loading protection.


ARHS-Series S/A, Hollow Piston Rod, Aluminium

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* Nominal Cylinder Capacity in ton - see kN values for actual capacity

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