EAN code: 7393487035911

  • fitted with safety device in the form of a protective cover
  • working pressure 63 MPa (630 bar)
  • crimp force 250 kN (25 tonnes)
  • light and versatile steel crimp head

Crimp head for contact crimping Cu terminals, type KRF/KSF 10-800 mm², Al terminals 16-630 mm² (-300 solid), C sleeves 6/6-300/300 mm². Used in conjunction with Elpress foot pump P4000 or battery and mains powered pump PS710.




Area mm² Al mm² CU KRF/KSF mm² C sleeves mm² Solid AlArea mm² Gross weight kg L x W x H mm Crimping geometry
10-800 16-630 10-800 6-300 16-300 4,761 280x111x74 punch, hexagonal, oval
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