EAN code: 7393487061187

  • ergonomic design
  • swivel fork
  • crimp force control using pressure monitoring
  • DUAL crimp technology
  • fast-forward feed
  • display with information about the tool and service intervals
  • crimp monitoring with warning lamp (LED)
  • 2 year warranty

Battery-powered crimp gun for contact crimping Cu terminals, type KRF/KSF 10-400 mm², Al terminals 16-400 mm² (-240 solid), C sleeves 6/6-120/120 mm².




Overhead lineArea mm² KRD/KSDArea mm² KRT/KSTArea mm² KR/KS, KRF/KSFArea mm² Al mm² CU KRF/KSF mm² C sleeves mm² Solid AlArea mm² Gross weight kg L x W x H mm Crimping geometry Temp °C
31-241 10-400 10-400 10-400 16-400 10-400 6-120 16-240 11,138 412x319x75 punch, dual, hexagonal, oval -20 +40
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